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Posting a Tweet in Java

Twitter offers an API that allows you to, among many things, post a tweet or status update. Doing so from my Java application was not entirely straightforward for me. I usually use the RestTemplate class supplied with Spring Boot. However, there seemed no obvious way to combine the use of the Spring RestTemplate with the OAuth1.0a authentication required by the Twitter API. »


Setting up Lombok in Intellij

Lombok annotations are a great way to reduce boiler plate code in your project. It helps you to avoid, in spite of shortcuts the IDE offers, the ultimately tedious process of adding code like getters, setters, constructors, builders and more to your classes. Setting up Lombok for an Intellij project involves three steps.  »


Stop Chrome from redirecting to HTTPS

It happens sometimes that I'm playing around with web server configurations for a website of mine, and I want to temporarily remove the SSL certificate settings. This should be no problem. However, Chrome (and Firefox too for that matter) doesn't like this. Once you've approached your domain using HTTPS, it will keep redirecting you from regular HTTP, regardless of your web server configuration. This makes the website unreachable, since it no longer has a certificate for the time being. »


Mysql: Multiple inserts based on a SELECT statement

Sometimes I want to insert multiple rows in a table based on the result of a specific SELECT statement. For example, recently I wanted to add multiple ITEM id's and a static TEAM id '7' to a table. A single INSERT would look like this: »

Reading the Meteostick from the Linux terminal

Recently I obtained several Davis Vantage Pro 2 components. Since I'm not interested in using the Davis console, but want to write sensor readings directly to a database, I looked into the Meteostick. Even though the Meteostick costs around 160 euros, it is still a relatively cheap way to access the readings from Davis sensors.  »

Cloning a Gitlab project with alternate SSH port

Often, when I configure a remote server, I will change the default SSH port to something other than 22. I did this once on a machine where I ran a GitLab instance. Cloning a project securely over SSH will no longer work using the default resource link generated by GitLab. »

Simple install for Searx on Ubuntu with Apache

Hosting your own instance of Searx is pretty straight forward. Tutorials I've read are not that complex, but somehow none of them got me all the way on a clean Ubuntu 18.04 LTS install. There is how I went about it. »

Uploading to Weather Underground using HTTP

Various weather stations offer software solutions to upload your weather data to the internet. Personally, I use 433 MHz capable sensors (primarily Oregon Scientific and TFA) and an Rfxcom transceiver to process the data and write it to a database using a custom Java application. This solution requires a custom approach to uploading the data to a platform like WeatherUnderground. (WU)  »

Quick review: Geekworm Model B Armor for Raspberry Pi 4

I received the Model B Armor case by Geekworm in the mail today, which I ordered the case a little over a week ago from China because of the well known temperature issue with the Raspberry Pi 4. To determine the core temperature of the Pi, I use the vcgencmd utility. It has been returning me results like this: »