JHipster: Update your database using Liquibase

A Java project generated with JHipster will use Liquibase to manage database updates. Rather than simply updating or adding a JPA entity in your code and letting Hibernate update your database for you, JHipster requires that you update your database change log and the Liquibase configuration file 'master.xml'. 

When using Gradle, to generate a new changelog, run the following command:

./gradlew liquibaseDiffChangelog -PrunList=diffLog

This command will add a new xml change log file under config/liquibase/changelog. It will have a generic name. You can change it to better reflect what it contains. In order for the change to be picked up when your application boots, it needs to be included in the master.xml file. 

<include file="config/liquibase/changelog/201806061526_added_entity_Example.xml" relativeToChangelogFile="false"/>

Source: www.jhipster.tech/development/